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The prices below are introductory, and will increase early 2019.
But if you join now, you can enjoy the prices below for a long time, even after the price increase.

Note:- If you subscribed Dec 3rd 2018 or before, please click here to manage or change your subscription.

Basic Group Classes
20.00 every month 50.00 every month

Ask questions on skype so you get answers on the spot! (All the class types use skype.)

The live is for 50 min bi-weekly Saturdays from :

  • 10am Los Angeles (PST)

  • 1pm New York (EST)

  • 6pm London (GMT)

  • What time in your city? Check here.

Advanced Group Classes
30.00 every month 100.00 every month

“Advanced” teaches you more advanced exercises that are not introduced by “Basic“. You might be notified about your bad facial expression habits, but don’t be offended! lol

The live is for 50min bi-weekly Saturdays from :

  • 11am Los Angeles (PST)

  • 2pm New York (EST)

  • 7pm London (GMT)

Private Classes
100.00 every month 200.00 every month

Learn in a private class (one to one) so Koko can analyze your face throughly about

  • Room for improvement

  • Your facial expression habits

  • Your face posture, etc

and provide specific exercises and tips only for you!

One time per month only

Please email your desired dates to


It will be online group classes and I suggest you show your face to me so I can better advise. If you don't want to, no problem though.

For now, we SKYPE. Please add Koko (ID: +1-323-449-3449) at SKYPE.

We will start chatting in the skype group 15min before the timing, so please say hi to let us know you are in, if you can.

For urgent questions, please call 323-449-3449 before the starting time.

Please bring your phone for selfies and hand held mirror, if possible.